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Wishlist 2015

your christmas fanfiction wishlist

Christmas Fanfiction Wishlist 2015
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What is the Wishlist?

Well, once upon a time, namely in late 2009, pprfaith got bored and, through a very weird thought process, came to the conclusion that the cure to her boredom was to offer up twenty-four ficlets for the twenty-four days of Christmas.

She decided to play the game again in 2010 because she had a lot of fun the first time around, and somehow her crazy infected six other writers. After that it.... snowballed. A little.

So, the Wishlist is a multi-fandom Christmas fanfiction fest and we'd be happy to have you!

The Premise

The premise is very simple. Writers, sign up to fill a certain number of prompts which they then post all through December until Christmas. Ideally, that'd be 24 ficlets for 24 days. Half and quarter Wishlists are also accepted (ie, 12 or 6 prompts).

The Rules - new and revised as of 2011

- You sign up for the game on the Sign Up Post here and I give you posting access once I have checked that you aren't a terrorist or a five-year-old girl. Please remember to apply for membership because I won't come running after you. I'm not your mum.

- Once sign-ups close, you post your Prompt Post on your journal, explaining the Wishlist and asking people to give you prompts including fandom, pairing, specific prompt. You should either give a list of fandoms you are willing to write in, or link to your masterlists. This happens on 1st November.

- You accept the first 24 (12, 6) prompts that come your way, regardless of who they come from and what they include. Grounds for refusing prompts are not knowing the fandom, incomplete prompts, or prompts that you outright refuse to write due to subject matter.

- When your slots are all filled, you start writing the fills.

- On 1st December you start posting your fills, ideally one a day, until the 24th. Your header should include the following:


- If you don't manage to finish all your fills on time, don't fret. Christmas is a busy time. If you can't, you can't. However, finishing the fills at a later date should be a matter of pride. You signed up and you promised your prompters to write them a story. So consider that you should have posted all your fills before next Christmas (2016), at the latest.

The Community

Please do not try to join the community, as it is only open to the authors. If you want to keep track of it, put it on your watchlist. We all appreciate knowing people are reading what we write.

Comment on the ficlets the authors post and let them know what you think, in a polite way. We're all here to have fun, whether that's reading or writing, not to start fights. It's Christmas, people!


You want to pimp this community? Yes, please do. Shamelessly.


None of the people writing in this community own any of the fandoms they are playing with. Those belong to their respective creators. No money is being made from this. All for fun.